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KH Translation is an accredited translation service provider that provides Top Quality cost-effective, personalized / customized, fast, professional and technologically advanced translation services.

What KH Translation offers:

(a) Written translation of documents of all types and editing of texts as required by the client.

(b) Simultaneous interpretation of local and international conferences in all aspects.

(c) Consecutive interpretation of meetings, seminars, symposium, etc.

(d) Arabization of web sites, software and press releases, etc.

(e) Localization of all types of marketing materials such as brochures, advertisements, slogans and newsletters and more ...

Patent Translation

KH Translation further offers Patent translation services for Patent filing in Egypt and all Arab countries. We have professional technical translators translating patent document with both experience in the field and in translation.


If we are going to file the patent application through KHIP, we validate the scope of protection to make sure your invention is protected as desired.

Tools and Quality Control

Any translation project passes through at least a three phase translation check, the first phase is the translation of the document, the second phase is the revision of the translated document. Both the first and second phases are done by a translator having the required technical background. The third phase of any translation is normally done by a language professional to guarantee that the language is accurate and the sentence structure is well written.

We utilize advanced technology and the latest automation to stream the process and provide proven results. 


For more information about our translation division, please contact us.


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