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PCT Filing Requirements
  1. A Power of Attorney duly legalized/apostilled up to the Bahraini Consulate (3 month from filing). (to be used for all subsequent filings for the company).

  2. A duly legalize/apostilled deed of assignment signed by the inventor, if the applicant is not the inventor (3 month from filing).

  3. Specifications and drawings of the invention together with the Arabic translation (Arabic translation can be filed within 3 month).

  4. PCT international publication search and examination reports are preferably submitted with the application.

  5. Certified Priority document along with its Arabic translation.

  • Priority: The time limit for the PCT national phase entry is 30 months from the earliest date of priority for national phases.

  • Examination: The Request for examination must be filed once the formal examination has finalized and the invitation for paying substantive examination is issued.

  • Annuities: Annuities fees are calculated from the international filing date for PCT application and paid at acceptance.

  • Legalization: The Power of attorney and the supporting documents are no longer necessary to be legalized up to the Consulate of Bahrain if the applicant’s country is a member of The Hague Convention. The documents only need to be Apostilled.

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