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KHIP is a regional Intellectual Property law firm based in Cairo, Egypt serving most of the Middle East countries. The firm is one of the finest firms practicing intellectual property and the only firm with a truly comprehensive intellectual property practice. Founded in 2004, the firm represented various clients from individual inventors to multinational companies. We serve great innovators, helping to protect countless ideas, nurture discoveries, and bring new concepts to market. The firm prosecuted and litigated many patents, serving corporations creating the cutting-edge technologies of the day. Khaled Hamada, the firm's founder, was for many years the acknowledged leader of the patent services of the entire country and continues to remain until a time when patents are more important than they had ever been.

Intellectual Property Value

We help our clients capture the value of their intellectual property through patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection. KHIP is among the top firms in the region in quality of patents obtained each year. We file numerous patent applications each year; our attorneys are admitted to the patent bar. Our staff includes Technically oriented, legally skilled M.S. and Ph.D. holders handling your cases. Our lawyers are among the world's most diverse and respected. We are guided by a culture of integrity, personal responsibility, friendship and tenacious client service. We deliver the broad scope of quality legal services required to respond to any business need. KHIP Law is among the top IP specialized firms in the region. We offer unique expertise in a variety of industry and market segments.



KHIP Intellectual Property Practice includes experienced, globally knowledgeable lawyers in jurisdictions where your products and innovations are likely to be produced, marketed or stolen. KHIP Law is able to provide clients with a unique combination of national resources with personalized service. Our goal is to act as a business partner with our clients, combining legal experience, business acumen, and the practiced art of listening, in order to identify challenges, seize opportunities, and deliver solutions.

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